Hello and Blessings!

My name is Nichole Broadbent and I am grateful for this opportunity to connect. I am here to walk with you and shine a light as you remember who you are, why you came here, and learn how to walk in your power and purpose. Through the ancient wisdoms of Reiki, Shamanic and Energetic Healing combined with intuitive mediumship, psychology, past life reflection, Astronomy and Mahatma Energy Activations- I am here to aid humanity as we rise.

I am a Usui Reiki Master and I am a Usui Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher; Teaching, Healing, Activating and Empowering all ages with healing sessions and activations, Reiki classes and Spiritual Development courses for children, teens and adults. With over 10 years of experience and diving deep into the healing arts, combined with a lifetime of turning my personal experiences and traumas into my strengths and medicines, I am here to help. My deepest desire is to aid humanity in its healing, so we can awaken; empowered and in love.

I wish to aid in the remembering, of who we truly are, ignite the compassion within and fall in love with ourselves once again. Through releasing negative patterns and stuck energy, clearing and breaking generational and past life cycles, accessing information from Ascended Masters, guides and our higherselves, we can find our own unique light and divine union within. It is time RISE as the sacred beings that we are. I am truly humbled and honoured to aid with my guiding force; unconditional love.


“I was called to dive into the healing power of Reiki as a student of Reiki after I had a mind blowing session with Nichole that revealed to me the magic of energy healing beyond what our minds can comprehend. Nichole is a powerhouse Reiki teacher that has incredible healing gifts and always shows up with loving presence, deep wisdom, and caring support that inspires confidence. I am honoured and blessed to have Nichole as my Reiki teacher.”

Elitsa Hristova
Nichole has been a powerful guide, ally and mentor on my journey. I have had multiple energy work sessions with her and she has taught me my first level of Reiki. Every time we come together, she nourishes and nurtures my being in profound ways. I often leave her care in a euphoric and enchanted state… deep in the parasympathetic.

In the days following our sessions I find that what ever intentions were set and whatever was called in begins to manifest in very clear ways. And is often accompanied by further growth and opening in other areas of my life.

I could write a small novel of affirmations and prayers of gratitude for this beautiful human… I have a deep sense of love and gratitude for Nichole.
I sincerely hope that if you are reading this and are feeling called to work with Nichole, you open yourself to her magic, I am confident you won’t regret it.


Nichole is a true healer, she is open and incredibly tuned into the new energy’s flowing through the Earth in these times. She brings incredible depth and wisdom into the space, she has walked this pathway with her heart and is willing to meet you where you are. Nichole is everything you look for in a guide – humble, powerful and wise.
There is a beautiful flow to Nichole’s sessions. She builds and holds the space, she merges with and connects to multi dimensional high frequency energies, she brings everything together to play in a space of divine quantum healing. She is a masterful technician

Darrell Greenwood

Nichole. You are such a such an incredible human. Thank you so much for my healing treatment. I didn’t really know what to expect, but you blew me away. To me, you went above and beyond with taking time to explain to me all that you saw and with such compassion, and I will be forever grateful that you have opened this door for me. I can’t wait to come back for more treatments with you. Thank you!


I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Nichole for truly enlightening my Spirit! Being a first time receiver of Reiki, I was unaware of all it’s Healing Powers. Having someone like Nichole preform this on myself has not only given me a higher purpose now but has also allowed me to become aware of the Nurturing that one’s Soul needs in this lifetime.

She was soo incredibly caring, kindhearted, insightful, patient with explanations and guidance, thought provoking and her gentle Nature truly helped walk me through this process with the greatest of ease. When she was aligning and balancing my Chakras, I could feel her medicinal Powers helping my physical body to heal. I was also able to receive messages from loved ones whom have passed onward and upward and helped her in my Healing. Nichole you have been Divinely Blessed with your loving gift of helping others. I cannot even begin to express how important you are to this Earth.

As we each move through our own life Journey’s, rarely do we come in contact with a person like yourself with your willingness to help Heal people. I could truly feel the beautifulness of your own Soul’s compassions and empathy’s coming through. Thank you as this has been one of the most important and greatest things I could have ever done. God Bless you always my Sister of Light and Love


What can I say about my recent experience receiving energy work with Nichole? It is beyond words.

This amazing Reflection, this miraculous Being, grounded, direct and saturated with Divine love…

With her clear and confident guidance we cleared the energy body and I awoke out of the session enraptured in full satori bliss. I noticed immediate positive shifts in my external life and relationships.

Eternally grateful for this star-sister and the work she does to stand in her true power and share the gift of unconditional Love with the world at this time.

As a Reiki level one student of Nichole, I experience a connection to our innate healing power through her direct and gentle guidance. Nichole sees deeply into the heart while cultivating a clear and direct relationship with Reiki energy in her students. Truly blessed to have her in my life as a friend, mentor, guide and sister on this Mother Earth soul journey